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Sprite Distribution

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Greetings Freedoom,
I am just wondering if the Sprites used in Freedoom are Open-source, that's just about it.

BTW: I Love Freedoom, the new Zombie Sprites give it a more hellish feeling, and the shotgun isn't my weapon of choice anymore (I ALWAYS switch to a SG in normal doom, usually forgetting if I had rockets, even when fighting a Cyberdemon).

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jute gyte said:

The whole thing is open source.

Ok, thanks, I just didn't want to get my ass cooked for taking something I shouldn't have.

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...Why is the Zombieman's Penis hanging out? I only noticed this now that I had my spriter recolor the pants.

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leileilol said:

that's an unfortunate colormap fade artifact, that fades the yellow to a flesh color

I see... (sadly)

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