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How am I doing so far?

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As I've now got reasonable access to this forum (via my laptop) I feel as though I should ask how I'm getting along mod-wise.

There are lots of ways to get to my wads, so if you've not played any, here's the two easiest ways:

my website: http://www.phobus.servegame.com (has a list of every wad I've made andhave participated in, with downloads, or links to downloads)

/idgames archive: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?search=1&field=author&word=Cresswell&sort=time&order=asc&page=1 (this is all of the wads I've released on my own to the archives. The others can be found via the contributions section of my website)

Basically, if you've played any of my wads, I'm just wondering what you think. Are they any good? Are they awful? Perhaps why do you think that?

I imagine, as this forum was where CC3 was made, most of you will have played that. In which case, I made MAP18, so that's at least one sample you can judge.

Thanks for your time. :)

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Ok, so I played all of your idgames submissions and 1 of your website and I have to say that your levels are quite good, but “Virus“ is your best work! There is only one hint I have to give you about it. The firing is to too low scaled. Just look here:

The firepower goes into the blue square, but this is too low... Please finish your work heeding the hint I gave you (make the fire a bit more overcoming). Other than that I like Virus very much. It is very hard, but it makes fun! Keep on creating!

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The demo doesn't handle up/down movement using the fly up/down keys, so that is part of the problem, and has been addressed.

As for the fire range of the Basic Blaster... you are the first person to suggest it (all of the weapons fire from that low height due to the gun being there on the sprite for the player) yet I do think you have a good point - particularly as it makes the shots impact on the floor quite frequently. I'll move all of the shots up a bit so that they are easier to aim.

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Your maps aren't bad. Virus's colorful virtual theme reminded me of something I tried. I must agree with Deeforce about the fire being too low-scaled, so im glad to hear that your changing it :P. Keep it up!

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18 was my favorite from cc3 if I remember right. I made this zdoom 2.1.7 demo back when cc3 was released if you even have that version or want to see it (speed uv):
I particularly like the arrow pointing toward the perspective illusion of a 3d word/letters. That gave me the idea to make a similar perspective illusion 'boss' at the end of my weird claustrophobia 1024 map which should be released somewhat soon.

Briefly tried scars and coil but liked cc3 18 much better (couldn't figure out what to do at the beginning of coil when the ceiling is too low unless you have to use the duck key). Scars didn't seem hr hard, but I only got halfway through. Mostly tight spaced manageable battles and not as organic looking as cc3 18.

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Sorry for the late reply - I've just moved to university and they haven't sorted out my internet yet.

@lupinx-Kassman: Thanks! i'll try to resume editing once I feel like my university life has stablised.

@gggmork: I think I managed to watch that a while ago - it's the only run of my map I've seen that I didn't do, and I was quite impressed :) Glad to hear I've given some inspiration!

Scars wasn't like Post Mortem from HR - more along the lines of something a bit earlier in the megawad, except for the cyberdemon arena which does pit you against large numbers of cacodemons and revenants (though still not as much as the serious HR levels)

Can't think offhand where Coils had a low ceiling near the beginning, though I imagine it's probably in the bloody part (Chapter 3) where you are indeed meant to crouch.

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