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Captain Toenail

Vanilla map, ok so far?

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Ok this is the first serious vanilla map I've ever done, I'm normally a ZDoom/Skulltag modder/mapper, so I thought it would be nice to go back to basics for a change. It's a grimy warehouse/base place overrun with monsters, the map is far from complete, this is only a few hours work, anyway, I'm losing interest with the map, should I continue with it? What can I improve, have you got any tips? It's been tested using Doom95, I really recomend you use that or something very similiar.


Oh yeah and I threw in some cheesy music from Freedoom :D

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I quite liked what you have done so far. The architecture is pretty good, reminds me of the Shores of Hell. The only real thing I found off were the Icon of Sin symbols in the walls. The flow of the map is nice, too, though I found the SSG being at the beginning made it a little easy. I'd definitely continue with the map, I'd love to see it finished.

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I like what you've got so far. The map design is simple, yet still interesting to look at and play in. The SSG should be changed to a shotgun or chaingun though, preferably the shotgun. The SSG makes the beginning part a little too easy in my opinion.

You should try to add some more details make that one area with the Arachnotron a little more interesting. I'm not sure what could be done with it though. Maybe put some windows near that brown door in that area. Or maybe you could put some overhang or arches or something in that same area. Maybe put them between that green marble wall texture with the icon of sin face on it. That's all I can really say.

Aside from that, it looks good. I hope to see it completed.

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Looks good don't give up on this map, set it aside for an while and do something else.

The area outside could use an rock formation with ledges/alcoves for monsters, the sky view is boring.You could make an lift behind the brown door outside that takes you down to the rocky areas.Add an bunch of rocky tunnels there with an underground river or something.

Cool to see someone attempt an map for doom95, you have to go easy with detail.

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