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What Doom source port do you use to speed-run?

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Which is the best one to use for speed-running?

I mainly use ZDoom as of now (no jumping or any of those added movement abilites) but I hear that that is not eligible for competitive times.

What do you all use?

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I think the best is whatever the level being played was basically made for. ZDoom is fine for levels that require ZDoom, for example.

As long as there are any, even minor, differences between the behavior of engines, they're bound to produce different results while playing.

Engines with many options can be problematic, however, as players will either have to use the most convenient (anything counts) or agree on what is to be used.

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What myk said, basically.

But just to clarify:

*All* demos are welcome in this forum. Just explain what you recorded them with and if there was anything unusual about the way you did so.

Generally speaking, most of the demos that people post here are intended to play back with the exe that the wad was designed for. The majority are "vanilla" or Boom, for which you can use those exes, or a port that emulates them accurately.

If you want to record for compet-n, then you must use the "vanilla" exes (doom2.exe or doom.exe). Note that the compet-n site hasn't been updated for a long time, but there is still an uploads area, and people still use that and follow the compet-n rules when doing so.

The sticky threads in this forum should help answer many other questions that you might have.

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i prefer watching demos recorded in vanilla or a prboom/prboom+ version. why? compatibility is the key. afaik, they all play back very well with the latest prboom+ version. demos that require the source port version they were recorded with, on the other hand, are a pain. who wants to have maybe 10 different zdoom folders just for watching a few demos?

for actually playing i prefer gzdoom, but i'd switch to prboom+ for recording... well, if my play was anything worth recording ;)

however, being able to map weapons to custom keys in a port is important for me. try using the keys around WASD for 12? years for switching your weapons and then go back to searching for [7] for the bfg when you need it desperately and see for yourself. some ports lack this, although it's a simple option.

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Repentance said:

prboom is the best as it gets when it comes in between less bugs and more compatibility, faithful to vanilla Doom.

I would rather say Chocolate doom is that. But yeah, of course Prboom is a good sourceport for recording as well, but I loved using doom2.exe to record my demos. I need to start recording again, it is just embrassing I still got points in C-N, as I really suck. :(

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