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Burn after Reading

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Did anyone see this movie?

Just came back from it and I thought it was one of the most farfetch'd and retarded flicks I've seen. The cast was good along with the directors, and some parts gave a good chuckle, but how the plot itself develops is poor.

Heres some info on it incase anyone is curious: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0887883/

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alexz721 said:

Reminded me somewhat of Snatch.

Yikes, that bad?

I thought the Coens were usually pretty decent.

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I heard it was like the Seinfield of spy movies, so i'll probably watch it.

Except I'm poor and can't go to movies.

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I think I missed this one; it doesn't seem to be on the theaters here now. I watched No Country for old Men earlier, however. Pretty good movie.

Edit: Heh, now I noticed I "missed it" because it's not been released in cinemas here yet.

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Saw the trailer a while back and instantly decided it was one to avoid. Just looked poor, really.

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