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UDMF fields of map scope

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For the next UDMF version I'd like to see fields of map scope. This was suggested by HotWax and I think it makes perfect sense.

UDMF should allow fields that are not enclosed in a structure like 'sector' or 'linedef', but instead are at map scope level, just like the 'namespace' field. Ofcourse what they are used for depends on the sourceport, but logically these fields would apply to the entire map.


namespace = "zdoom";

skytexture = "F_SKY2";
thunderfrequency = 400;
partime = 320;

	x = -1088.000;
	y = 576.000;

Ofcourse sourceports already have their own ways (such as the MAPINFO lump) to do this, but UDMF is designed to put the information in the 'right place where it makes sense' and to make it easier for the mapper to access these features. In case a (G)ZDoom map has a MAPINFO lump; If both a MAPINFO setting and the same setting in UDMF exists, the UDMF setting would override the setting in MAPINFO. otherwise, the MAPINFO setting is used.

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Since the standard already allows for this I'd be interested in it. Just see EE's mapinfo docs for ideas on the sort of things that could be specified. EE will already have to support two different forms of mapinfo so adding a third is of little concern to me, especially since my parser library makes adding fields like this very cheap.

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Thanks Creaphis, it is the Doom Builder 2 logo, made by Thomas van der Velden.

Yea Quasar, I read over the UDMF 1.0 specs again and it is indeed already allowed. So no worries there. I will definitely add a feature in DB2 to edit these fields.

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