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Do you know about any good high-res textures for Skulltag? Also some other Q's

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I want to create a level for Skulltag using good quality high-res textures with all of those fancy affects like colored fog, colored lighting, and that cool quake like water/slime effect.

I know all of those things can be done with Skulltag, but how?

Using the high-res textures can't be hard since they are just new textures and i know how to use new textures. But how can i create a colored fog effect and make the liquid textures like water and slime and such look like the liquid from quake?

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TomoAlien said:

Here is a answer for your question.

So ANIMDEFS is a script or something? If so can i put that into my MAPINFO lump or does it need it's own lump?

Also, is ANIMDEFS just a text or are other files/textures needed?

I don't want to sound like a complete newb and i know that the link you posted says what ANIMDEFS are but i am still having problem understating this.

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