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Looking for a WAD that had altered sargeants

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I remember a WAD from several years back that had an altered sargeants - their pain state made them walk around with their arms straight down, possibly also with their mouth hanging open. I don't think there were any other monster modifications.

I think it was a vanilla WAD (obviously with a DEH patch), maybe 3-4 levels or so. I seem the remember it starting off in light brown rocks, moving into a dark fortress.

I can't recall exactly when it was released, but I seem to recollect playing it in BOOM (the DOS version) when that was fairly new.

Anybody have any ideas?

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That sounds right, thanks!

Quite an inspired first review on idgames... I'll have to see later if fighting the demon "pleuge" in "Calafornia" that is "braking" loose really lives up to that description.

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Heh, SoM was a young pup back then. It's really not a bad WAD. Not great either. But it got some nice things in it.

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That was SoM?

I'm not quite sure how this WAD popped back in my head. For some reason I just remembered those shotgunners meandering around. I don't think I even liked the WAD when I first played it:)

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