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Nodebuilder Crash?

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My 6 hour unsaved map (Hey, I get forgetful) just ended up dying in a hole because nodebuilder wouldn't build when I finnaly DID want to save it. Is there any way to fix a map after nodebuilder crashes?

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Doesn't matter anymore, I redid it all on my own. The only reason it took so long the first time was because I had been puttering with it, not really inspired to do any large amounts of work.

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Yes, there is a solution. You're not going to like it, and it's not ideal, but save all your stuff to a prefab, it will not need to use the nodebuilder to do this. Then, reload DB and paste from your prefab. I used this solution when I had an unused sector error that wouldn't let me build the nodes. I saved what I had worked on, reloaded the map and it automatically fixed the unused sector, then I just pasted from the prefab and continued working.

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