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PrBoom vs PrBoom+

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What's the difference between the two anyway? The only thing I've heard PrBoom+ added was more demo support, but I'm not big on demos.

I also hear PrBoom+ has some random quirks PrBoom lacks. Which is more popular?

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PrBoom+ has an uncapped framerate (can be disabled) more hud options, game-speed adjustment, much higher limits for bigger levels (Dues Vult II only functions on PrBoom+, PrBoom crashes.) Mouse look, FOV adjustment, detail textures (which are awesome.)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Personally, PrBoom+ is my favorite doom engine, and I would highly recommend using it over standard PrBoom.

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StoneFrog said:

I also hear PrBoom+ has some random quirks PrBoom lacks. Which is more popular?

On the contrary, prboom+ features a great many fixes to quirks and glitches that exist in prboom. See the changelog for details. Some of these have been fed back into prboom (at least in SVN), but many have not.

Essentially, prboom+ is the current line of prboom development. Development of prboom itself has been slow for many years, with no recent releases. Some of the prboom team contribute to or assist with prboom+ development (see the mailing lists at the prboom sf site), and prboom+ also benefits from changes in prboom's SVN version.

Of course, any development brings with it the risk of introducing new problems. But generally, at any point in the last few years, these glitches in prboom+ have tended to be minor, or to have been fixed quickly, and to have been of lower importance than the glitches that are fixed.

The complaints I've tended to hear about prboom+ are that it has too many options, or that people don't like some of the default settings compared to those of prboom. But it doesn't take that long to go through the options and modify them to your satisfaction. And a simpler solution is just to copy over your existing cfg, thus keeping the settings that you prefer.

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