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Doom Fortress?

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Has there ever been discussion over whether or not to make a Doom Fortress TC? Hey, we have a Team Fortress for pretty much every other major engine out there, why not Doom?

The premise would be slightly modified(well, mostly the artwork and themes) to fit the Doom universe, but it's very doable from a designer's standpoint.

I believe the largest tasks involved would be making team-specific things, classes, and Special Ability menus(disguise, sentry, etc.)

It seems that since most of the Doom sourceports focus on multiplayability, the environment is prefect for a project like this(especially those that use DDF, although with most of them speed is an issue).

I've been longing for a TF port that I can just pick up and play in 5 seconds, especially since TF1 is riddled with custom downloads and TFC is drowned with llamas and cheaters. Q3F and UF pretty much require brand new hardware to be able to enjoy fully.

So, who's up to it?

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