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Church sign contest

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I guess most people have seen the church sign generator.
Well here's an idea with it.

Must fit three criteria:
1. Must try to be a pun but fails to be one
2. Seems like something you would really see on a church sign
3. Exposes true nature of church whether intentional or not


There may or may not be a half-assed or not-so-half-assed prize if I think of anything. Just ask Liam about his Bogus Points.

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This is hard. I'd like to do one for Scientology or Westboro, but they're impossible to satirize. No matter what joke you make, the truth is far worse yet.

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Bloodshedder said:
Cord or chord? Am I going to have to dock you for improper word usage?

You can do the latter, your specialty! (Although the public embarrassment has probably made that particular error impossible for me from now on.) Funny thing is, I had been reading something involving the umbilical cord (in English) earlier, which prompted this idea.

Fixed now :p

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