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New TC(in my head at least)

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Well, I've just been spending the last week downloading, poking around and tinkering with all this stuff...

I'd like to make a TC focused on Deathmatch, but with a slight storyline to move it along.

The basic idea is that a player starts by choosing a certain race with unique statistics(speed, strength, native weaponry, etc.) and enters a contest in which they fight other races with their own unique capabilities.

Players can compete in training battles, in which they earn stats and can upgrade their weapons' strengths-- or they can challenge another race to a tournament in which each race will wager a weapon or special item that the winner will receive.

The weapons will range from melee to ballstic to energy-based, and will have variable effective radiuses.

A distant goal which I'd like to implement is that the training battleground could be a randomly generated arena.

Another issue is realistic A.I. that can learn a player's patterns and adapt to different playtypes(CTF, Command Control, DM, King of the Hill, etc.).

OK, so... I think I'm pretty capable of toying around with DeHackEd, DoomCAD, XWE, and the rest-- but there will be plenty of Things and gameplay elements which will be a lot harder to implement. I'm talking about flags, command points, race-specific weapons, jumping, saving custom characters with different stats, and the list goes on.

So my questions are: how many of these things are possible with the tools that are out there right now? Can the original Doom engine support this kind of gameplay, or would it be a better idea to develop on one of the sourceports? Which editors support which sourceports? How much will I be able to accomplish without actually having to learn C?

(OK, that last comment sounded a little lazy, but I'm somehow incapable of learning syntax with most current languages. The last language I coded in was Commodore Basic, and I didn't even do much with that. VB3 seems like a lot of crap to learn in order to accomplish very little-- and C++ looks like complete gibberish and I never learned logarhyhms and such. And all the "beginner's" tutorials I've found only give you the straight dope behind commands with a lot of "it works this way and that's all you need to know" without giving you a hint of the nature behind the language. I think it has something to do with the fact that I need to be able to visualize the logic and the application of certain structures in code before I can begin to understand them. But anyway, I hope you didn't read all this. It's just complaining when you get down to it.)

So on to the replies.

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