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Bored_Line\\Rail Running

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Hey all, I was bored sitting here in front of my computer... figured I hadn't mapped in a long time(2 months ish?). So I got bored and had to release one of the ideas I had pent up in my head.
The idea is pretty simple,
There is a line on the ground, run along it and avoid the cyber demons rockets and try to get to the end. Its intended with no jumping in mind, though i'm sure that wouldn't ruin it.
Its intended to run on the latest ZDoom. After several attempts in the past half hour I still cant beat it, though Ive come close. I even tried running it in co-op
Mind you I only spent all of 2 Min's making this map.


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[edit] 24 seconds. Hey. I beat par.

Was a lot of fun. Not bad for two minutes work.

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That is pretty fun indeed. Adding a couple more levels could be fun as well. Say having an easy map, a medium and then something like this map or something even trickier.

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Csonicgo said:

OH YES. I love this idea. There's one like this in the archives called Pagan's Run that is similar to this.

Took me a few tries, but I got it on 3:39 on HMP.

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