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Doom on Piano

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I can say I like a piece of art only to have some art buff tosser tell me that actually it's nothing impressive because the brush strokes are done poorly with horrible palette transitions or some shit. I'm not an artist so I wouldn't notice flaws like this, I just like it as I see it.

Ditto for this. Granted I played as I kid, I had to stop because I couldn't get past, ironically, tempo (have to play everything as fast as possible, metronome or not). Asides from TNT's map30 I'd never be able to pace a song nearly as good as he does. :p

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AndrewB said:
I think the real issue here is how much the Doom community in general knows about the piano.

Many people aren't piano experts here, naturally, but they can listen and can catch a tune played with love for the music and inspiration. Others may also dedicate themselves to elitist nitpicking and composing insipid music for sports related contests and the like. I don't mind your merits, such as being able to produce clean and precise stuff or to point out imperfections, but that doesn't mean you aren't an anal little bitch.

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Death-Destiny said:

Quoted for truth. IMO, technical perfection is the least important component of art.

Agreed. Note that this isn't something I was asking for.

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