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Cooperative / Survival Tournament?

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Attention speedrunners, cooperative players:

I'm planning on hosting a cooperative/survival tournament on the Skulltag source port, one of the two events for this introductory tournament on Saturday, 10/18/2008. So if you are interested and want to spectate this new kind of tournament, be there. Those of you who do not know what a Survival gamemode is - a Skulltag gamemode, it's simply playing under cooperative mode (alongside other players) each given 1 live - as it is playing by yourself offline. Everyone dies, the map restarts. This concept is fairly new, however being a modification of the oldest gamemode there are many ideas that can go through with this Survival tournament. Speedrunning, surviving, and # of kills are examples of factors that would determine winner.

So far, most votes seem to aim for Hell Revealed or Alien Vendetta in regards to the second half of this tournament - a team survival. Nonetheless, compatibility settings will most likely go for fast monsters and no freelook or jumping. But if this goes successful there will be many WADs under consideration for the tournaments. What we do need though, is support from cooperative players and speedrunners like YOU. I've placed all the ideas under this thread, so please - just check it out and give some thought on here or there:


If you would like to join the tournament, please feel free to contact me on any of these forums.

I'm not here at all to promote a tournament but just an idea that I think could work for fun. I've been a DOOM fan since 1995 but have only been playing online for a year now. Most of you who are aware of the multiplayer source ports, I'm [EG]MARINE or [EG]Repentance.

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