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Nightmare Doom

Horror based Ambient/soundscape music?

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I wonder if anyone here knows any good "Ambient music" that sounds like as if came (or sounds exactly like) from the ingame music/soundtrack of PSX/N64 Doom and Silent Hill, the music from Fire Wolf's upcoming Spookyhouse mod for Skulltag, or the simply most moody/suspenseful/bone chilling/scariest/disturbing/terrifying/freighting/horrific/hellish ambient music or 'soundscape' you could find?

Here's one example that I have found myself.

The 4th Floor

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No time to listen to 4th floor right now, but I'm familiar with the PSX Doom music and I remember some Silent Hill selections from the movie, so based on those...

Das Ich's album Das Innere Ich is the closest CD release that comes to mind. The first 6 tracks explore different kinds of ambient and occasionally melodic suspense/horror territory; the last 2 tracks are probably the End Credits cues. The band is usually an electro/orchestra-machine setup with a horror/Nietzchian twist, but they focused almost entirely on the atmospheric aspect when they broke their usual routine as a studio band to do this soundtrack. I consider it Quake x 3.

Jerry Goldsmith's Alien is the masterwork though. It's got ambience, it's got themes, it's got instruments and sounds you've never heard, and it's got instruments you have heard being played (or perhaps "used") in ways you haven't. Too bad most versions are long out of print, and the original album only had 10 of the 33 total cues. I managed to track down the raw sessions bootleg on ebay - worth every penny :D

For a more musical approach, the classical selections Kubrick used for The Shining are all appropriate for a horror film, especially the Krzysztof Penderecki tracks. Also on the subject of Kubrick, the György Ligeti selections from the 2001 album are quite creepy.

Most of Ennio Morricone's music for The Thing doesn't immediately make most people think "horror", but it's great music for Inferno-themed Doom maps.

Hans Zimmer's music for The Ring/The Ring Two is incredibly dense and moody, and is rather atypical horror music in that it isn't loaded with sudden blasts of frantic noise but instead builds its tension and mood through extended layering of instruments and patterns (though there are a few sudden blasts). If you get the album, don't mind those last 4 remix tracks, they aren't his fault.

Similarly, Zimmer's Da Vinci Code music is also incredibly atmospheric (and a much better album overall), though I wouldn't say it has a horror feel as much as it makes you imagine you're exploring an ancient abandoned gothic cathedral. Perfect for EDIV Map27.

Some of Christopher Young's music from The Dark Half would work too. It's not a great album overall but it has its moments. Some of James Horner's music from Flightplan is pretty tense as it captures the panic, but it's not the scary kind of tense. Michael Kamen's music for Event Horizon would be an ideal recommendation, except that the CD release was dubbed and rearranged by Orbital. If you don't mind your horror with the occasional techno overlay, that'll be my final recommendation for now.

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The Axis of Perdition - Deleted Scenes from the Transition Hospital

Prepare to wet yourself.

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House of 1000 Corpses musical score.

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