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Battle Cat

help - custom music in jDoom won't play

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Hey there. I've just downloaded some stuff for jDoom, like textures 'n' stuff.
My problem is that I can't get the music to work. I'm trying to use the package linked to on the doomsdayhq site. I've put the file "jdmu-doom2-20080930.pk3" in my "\doomsday\snowberry\addons\" and it shows up in Snowberry, but when I go and start the game I just get the normal midi music. Doesn anyone have a suggestion?

(using the newest version of jdoom btw)

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The JDMU isn't an "enhanced" music pack. The JDMU is a pack of ogg's that are suppose to sound like how the mus files would have sounded on the soundcards around back when Doom was released.

The name "Jdoom music pack" is a highly misleading name for such a pack and I've mentioned that to the Deng team maintainer before.

That said, playback of external music is also largely broken in the current beta version of 1.9, Beta5.x, and will not be fixed for Beta6 either.

As I have mentioned around before. 1.8.6 is the version of the engine currently meant for general play. The 1.9 betas are marked "beta" for a reason.

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yeah, i am aware of all those things :) i was thinking that it might be because it was a beta. Normally i only use stable releases but i couldn't find a non-beta version of jdoom.

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