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HR2 MAP30 1:34 UV MAX

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Well done! You might want to put your next demo in a ZIP file and include a text file so it'll be easier for people downloading it to store it for future viewing or to identify it.

Mr.TF said:
And why was indispensable to create a new topic for this?

Demos or demo sets can have their own threads. It's not really a problem.

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Nice! I kinda liked you ignoring the health bonuses when you had only 4% :-) Good demo.
Anyway it has always been quite usual that many classic mapsets (HR, HR2, Scythe1,2, TVR, VF, AV and so on) have their own threads with demos for them. Most of the threads are quite old but could be easily updated with new demos which people are uploading mostly into Misc. demos thread nowadays. It would be a dirty work to classify the demos to the right threads but it would make searching demos for some megawad much easier plus it would bring all older threads back to memories (because there are so many demos that deserves to be DLed and watched:-)

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