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Doom 3 sandbox mode?

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I was wondering if anyone had actually thought of creating something like the Gmod or a sadbox mod where people can easily be creative like making up scenarios, easy mapping and spawning with a push of few buttons? The Doom engines may be stiff, but it can be hilarious if you could do a puppet show with the rag dolls or script them into doing so.

Here is a link to Garry's Mod incase you don't know much of it:
If you want to see the Gmod in action, go and see some on Youtube (Jewtune that is). Notable examples are the 'Idiots of Garry's mod' and its sequel.

Here are some good examples of Doom 3 videos I've found. There aren't many Doom ones out there but I hope more people would thing of Ideas which can rival the Halo, CS and Half life ones on the Internet.

Some sandboxing which canbe made more simple if someone comes up with a smart mod:

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