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Here is a massive map of Hexen Episode 01 I made quickly (to compliment the official walkthrough at http://www.raven-games.com/hxwalk/e1solve.php)


There is one thing bugging me. What thing/switch actually activates in "Guardian of Ice (2)" (Gate 6) that enables Gate 5 & 7 to be open?

So I use DB to figure this out.

I can decipher basic ACS code and understand switches that open "normal" doors & steps. Normal sectors that raise or lower. But I cannot understand what triggers the Seven Portals Gates rotating. It looks like they are not normal sectors.... but rotating doors use poly objects...

Is there data not filled out in the poly object (things) or sectors?

The thing circle.. It shows up as a question mark... in Slade as well as properties of the sector

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When DB shows a question mark for a thing, it means it doesn't know wht it is. It could be that the configuration you're using (Hexen?) is missing that information. Try the ZDoom Hexen configuration, mayybe that does have the info.

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