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(sniper) 109

Another dehacked question

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Ok so I'm in the final stages of a weapons mod but I want to convert the bfg into a rifle but the problem is I can't change how much ammo the gun takes.in zdoom,gzdoom ,etc I get the gun taking up 40rounds when I want it to only take 1 (in prboom it takes one but the moment your left with only 40 rounds it changes and you can't use it anymore)
I'm using wHackeD2 and the dehacked file is in .bex (not.deh) can anyone give me some tips?

Ps I know about decorate so please don't mention it here
my wad must work on dsdoom (aka prboom ported to the ds)

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In the Misc section there is a "BFG Cells/Shot" value that must also be changed. That should make your mod work with PrBoom.

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(sniper) 109 said:

Ok now here's my second question:how can I make the ssnazi drop a bfg9000 instead of an ammo clip

You can't change this without also making zombiemen drop the bfg9000. You'd have to switch the thing id number of the bfg with the thing id number of the ammo clip. As such, you'd have to sacrifice one type of existing dropped item: the ammo clip from zombiemen/ss nazis, the shotgun from former sergeants, or the chaingun from heavy weapons dude. (Are there others that I'm forgetting?)

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Copy all the characteristics of the Zombieman to an actor that doesn't normally drop anything (eg a pillar or something) including its ednum. what you have effectively just done is created a pillar that is a dehacked carbon copy of a zombieman, however, it won't drop anything because the pillar isn't coded to drop anything. If you want to keep the pillar, copy all its details to the zombie actor. Because it doesn't die, it won't drop anything either.

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