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Ghost setup

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I'm making a Ghost monster [DECORATE]. My intention is that it is only hurt by splash damage and BFG tracers. How is it possible to make it immune to hitscan weapons but still make it vulnerable to the above attacks?

BTW, just to check - if I clear the 'Solid' flag, projectiles (and any other actors) will pass through it, right?

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Small semantic note: this proposal uses the word "ghost" differently from its usual definition here.  Ghost monsters in the vanilla engine can in principle still be damaged by any hitscan or projectile attack (just not very easily!).  Also, a BFG tracer is a hitscan attack.

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yeah, I think I mentioned it wrong... its appearance is that of a ghost. Actually, I just put it with an average number of Hit Points and left it vulnerable to all hitscan attacks. It's not that bad...

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