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Mek + PLAYPAL = :(

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A while back I had a new PLAYPAL made for Sabbat Martyr II over at Skulltag which used the greens from Sabbat Martyr's palette and the blues from Ultimate Simplicity's palette. Everything seemed to be ok at the time so I decided to use it for IGPack and both 1024-2 and 1024-3 (as most of you already know). However I noticed something while working on my 2nd 1024-2 map; the red damage gradient was too dark and too opaque compared to what it should be. Death-Destiny confirmed this problem to me shortly afterwards. Thanks to essel's insights I was able to fix the darkness of the red gradient, but, with XWE and my knowledge anyways, I couldn't fix the opaqueness of the color towards the brightness end of the gradient. Here are some visuals of the problem I'm trying to describe:

New Color Palette:

Old [Doom II] Palette:

Doom II (brightest end of the damage effect gradient):

New PLAYPAL (brightest end of the damage effect gradient):

Here's the PLAYPAL in question:
http://www.filesavr.com/1024playpal (backup d/l link)

I originally posted for help on the Skulltag forums. Here's the original thread. I've since talked again to Wagi through the PM system and he said that he would try to get that program he used to fix the damage gradient colors on new PLAYPALs to me by Sunday, though he couldn't promise me due to various reasons. So my second plan was to make a thread about it here where I'm sure there are more knowledgeable people to help me out. It's still possible that Wagi could come through for me but I can't rely on that :P

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give me!

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AgentSpork said:

People really like to use the blues from my palette for some strange reason :o

They are beautiful :O

Thankfully Wagi came through for me, but I haven't had time to actually see if the program works properly. If it does, he has given me permission to distribute the program. So I'll post a download link to it here after I test it.

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