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Shifting A Whole Bunch of Stuff

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Okay, I'm trying to shift a whole bunch of ceilings in a level I'm making by 32. I remember having a similar problem with the lighting in a level that I never finished, and upon searching for the response to that question, couldn't find the answer. So, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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First, select the sectors who's ceiling you want to raise, then hit the "Page Up" key 4 times. That will move each sectors ceiling up by 32 units (in 8 unit increments).

EDIT: Also, Ctrl+Page Up/Down is for raising/lowering light levels, FYI.

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If you're using Doom Builder, a more reliable way of doing that would be selecting the sectors, then right-click your selection to edit the sector properties and type ++32 in the Ceiling Height box. (I rather do it that way, because pressing keys a number of times without visual feedback I don't really feel ensured that it works out right)

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