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my 1024 map (spam, finished)

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Yo yo yo, its a bit weird what do you think? I included the wad and the texture pack thingamajig. Drag and drop both simultaneously into prboom to play it (yes you have to use the one included because I stupidly used v3 not v5). There's a big gay 'boss' at the end. It looks like a big gay overly cartoony fag. Right on. Luckily you won't likely get that far though because the 30 voodoo dolls crossing linedefs to the side will probably eventually trigger a crash somehow. Plus you'll just die... because you suck at doom. And if THAT doesn't make you want to play it, it has some parts that are like... filled with real lines and vertices! And probably even sectors!
NEWAYZs, here is the link to my super cool awesome map:


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Did you say "seizure inducing"???

Sign me up.

[edit] ok finished it. To tell the truth, I hated it at the start. But the more I played it, the more I began to appreciate the uniqueness of it. It was tough as hell, and the gameplay was so well integrated into the level design that it was pretty much perfect IMO. The baddie at the end was an amazing piece of creativity. The rest of the level was... hard. Lots of saves, got through it eventually.

In regards to level design, some awesome ideas there. Seems you have this really unique approach to level design. Ammo n health were just about right.

And by about halfway through, man, I was fighting, saving and dying like there was no tomorrow. I was like "Dammit, no way is this level gonna get the better of me." So by the end, I realised that it had thoroughly sucked me in. Some seriously intense moments, and seriously good gameplay.

The only thing that struck me as out of place was some of the textures didn't seem to quite fit into the overall design.

Actually seems like it would make a good level 30, though you probably already thought of that.

Sorry if this post is tl;dr, was kinda longer than I intended. Nice work on the level.

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Thanks for playing, glad the 'boss' was well received. Would have been much cooler if it was a giant Urkel or Screech from saved by the bell rather than a lame looking devil, but all well. I figured I'd just 'release' this damn thing now, in case the secret group of doom elitists deems it unworthy of being in the megawad 9 months from now.

Here is my '1024-3' map, only about 1/3 done, but now I probably won't finish it so someone else can if they feel like it. Intricate and visually unique in a strange way ... no enemies yet. But to see a slightly interesting thing, use idclip and head over to those red pillars far off. There you'll see some small floor pillars appearing to move left/right, even in the automap (in doom, sectors usually only move up/down, but I made them move left/right with a voodoo doll in a lame hacky way at least). I probably would have improved it so there are ceiling pillars that also move (maybe front to back instead of left to right for those). Only problem is its super noisy.. CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK, not sure if lines blocking sound could fix that. This one doesn't use any texture pack so is probably a quicker download. the seg limit is half way met.

2nd unfinished map:

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i see you were unhappy with the current state of things in the 1024 community projects. i definitely liked the first map though.

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