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New Map I Made

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Last time I posted a level it was pretty bad and I was encouraged by some people to continue making maps [Remember? = http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/43990-forgotten-average-pwad-im-honest/]. Anyway after many maps made I decided to release one to show people where I am at currently in Doom map making.

LINK: http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/Urban.zip [3.8MB]
MAP: 02
Name: Urban Cemetary
Theme: PSX [sounds that is]
Game: Doom II
Source: GZDOOM [Zdoom causes the sky to have an odd problem I guess]

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That was quite nice and fun to play fast (i just used zdoom). I forget if I played your earlier map(s). The only place I got stuck was finding the yellow door, because those stairs are hidden and it looks like a dead end. If you stand at the exit doorway and look backwards there's 1 missing texture to the right (maybe this is just because I used zdoom instead of the intended port).

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Yeah. I did enjoy this level too. The only thing I would say is to work on consistency. The level looked a bit like a lot of separate ideas all thrown together, rather than a complete "theme" working through the level to make it feel complete. Choose textures that go together really well. Remember, you are trying to create an "experience", not just a a level.
But that said, you are definitely improving. The gameplay was fun, not too hard, not too easy. and the overall design was not bad imo. :)

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