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Sector effect and Linedef action reference guide

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I'm looking for some kind of reference guide that lists all sector effects and linedef actions and how they work. I now have loads of questions like:
- If I make a sector blinking or pulsating or whatever, from and to which brightness does it blink/pulsate/etc?
- How is the timing decided when blinking? Do all sectors with the same blink action assigned to it blink at the same time? Can I influence this (except write code)?
- In case of a raise/lower sector which also changes flat, to which flat does it change?
- For Sector effect 8 (light glows) it says "1+ sec". what does that mean?
- Same for effects 12 and 13?
- etc. etc.

Some of the questions above I've answered by trial and error, but some I just don't get. Is there some kind of reference guide for this?


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