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"tearing" in areas of map... how to fix?

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While working on a new map, I had made many changes to a sector and was no longer able to undo. At the time, I hadn't noticed the problem, so it didn't matter. But now I've discovered that there are two "tears" in my map that reveal the void. They're only visible in 3D mode in Doom Builder. I've tested the map in Chocolate Doom as well as in Doomsday engine. Neither one shows these tears while in-game, nor do they cause any errors. However, if possible, I'd still like to fix them if I can.

Here's a couple screenshots (taken in Doom Builder) to show what I mean:

Any ideas what caused this and/or how to correct it?

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That's not an issue of your map; it's DB's nodebuilding issue; when structures of the map start to become more complicated, the nodebuilder becomes unaccurate; so there's no way to fix them; but it will not be in DB2 because Codeimp removed the nodebuilding in it while going in 3D mode.

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