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SideDef's texture problem

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That's my problem:
I made 2 sectors, and I gave to all SideDefs in first sector one texture. Now i want to give another texture to SideDefs in second sector, and I can't! when im trying (clicking RMB on line, going to "sidedefs" and clicking an area where's text "missing texture", I see only two textures in texture pallet: this first texture, and no texture. I can see full texture pallet only after clearing all textures I ever gave to sidedefs.
Is it normal?

PS. How can I change this nasty "Posthell" style back to default? I really can't look at it, and i had to turn off my speakers!

Edit: I forgotten to add, that same thing is in floor and ceiling textures...

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When in the texture palette, the first textures to show up are the ones you've used. Simply hit tab and all your textures should appear in the palette.

I just started using DoomBuilder over DETH. Once you get the hang of this utility, it's tight as all hell.

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