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Setting up music in DoomBuilder

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My question is simple:
How can I setup music to my level? I tried "level options", I tried also "configuration". I tried even to load "heretic.wad", one of levels, and i didn't found the place, where music is setted up.

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The music cannot be set by Doom Builder, you have to modify the music lumps (other entries in the WAD file) for that. Or use a specific sourceport's features. I'll move your post to the editing forum.

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Doombuilder is only a map editor. That being said, you'll need a WAD editor to put music into your wad. Just open your wad in an editor and import the music you intend to use. Name the music accoring to what the level is (so if the music is for map01, name the lump D_RUNNIN)

the best editors to use are either XWE or SlumpED

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