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Annoying mouse problem in PrBoom

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Nothing I can do in the program or the config can disable mouse movement/strafing but keep mouse aiming. Even "Enable Mouse" set to "No" doesn't do anything.

Am I doing something totally stupid?

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Exactly which version are you using?

I'll assume you're using current prboom-plus, and that you're not talking about freelook aiming on the vertical axis (which isn't available), and just want it so that if you move your mouse from side to side, you turn, and that if you move it backwards or forwards, nothing happens.

To turn off mouse movement, go to the Options menu and then Mouse Sensitivity.

The second slider down is labelled "Vertical". Move this to the extreme left-hand end of the scale.

Make sure that the "Horizontal" slider is not at the extreme left-hand end.

That should work the way you intend, as long as I am understanding you right, and you have the mouse enabled, etc.

If that fails, please post your cfg and stdout.txt.

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