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Finished My First Map: What Now?

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OK, so I've finished making my map in Doom Builder. There aren't any more error messages popping up, and after playtesting I can't find any weird tears any more.
What do I need to do now before I can upload my wad for people to play?

What I mean is, how do I release my mod?
Am I supposed to export the map or something? What if I'm having problems exporting?

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You don't need to export anything. Unless you have dependencies to other .wad files (I doubt it in your case) then all you need is the .wad file that you saved your map in.

If you want to show your map to other people, you can upload it to /newstuff. It will be reviewed and eventually it will be posted on the Doomworld front page along with the review.

For more information on /newstuff see THIS TOPIC.

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