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NECROSIS for HeXen: Mappers needed!

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Hey everybody, I'm making a HeXen add-on pack entitled 'Necrosis' which was originally intended to be a stand-alone project. At the rate I'm going it's going to be well-polished, but with only 5 levels. So I'm looking to see if anyone is willing to help map to create more play-time! If so, it will be a true megawad, for sure.

The WAD is named after my Heretic: Treasure Chest level contribution. However, my HeXen levels feature new textures, new monsters, and new weapons. If anybody's interested I can go over in detail certain 'conventions' the WAD uses - like it's bestiary (what new monsters I use, for example, and what original HeXen monsters I DON'T use), etc.

I basically have the first hub covered, where you wake up in a crypt. Story's pretty simple at heart. Quick version: you're one of the original 3 heroes but you were revived from the dead. Thing is, so were lots of other creatures. You retain your own will and fight your way out of a frozen crypt and through your former village and countryside to find the source of this new scourge.

Anyone remember the original Unreal? They had the levels which took place in the sky after you fought your way through the sunspire. The second hub will be such a realm and preferably maps will have floor skies that work properly as well. My levels all have new names, new skies and use a slight colored fog.

You can even take maps you've previousely made and copy-paste it to work with HeXen (ZdooM in HeXen format - this is a GZDooM project), than modify them from there. Aftwerwards I'll do quality control (if you consider yourself an amateur of course but still want to contribute), and either way set the level up with cool effects.

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Looks interesting. I have some Hexen monster sprites that I made (edited) and never used, let me know if you're interested. The best of them probably are an Icy themed Maulothaur, and a lava beast (lava version of wendigo), but there are a few other. They only have sprites though, no behavior nor sounds.
There's a Hexen II archer around that you may want to use too.

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Actually I had the idea to MAKE a lava monster and I actually tried modifying the Wendigo but never got around to doing it. I'm highly interested! My E-Mail's CodenniumRed@hotmail.com

While maps are what's mostly needed I'll be able to take anything and add to it. The Ice Bull will be a blast, I bet. I can make behavior easily, I'll just modify the code from the base creatures a little bit.

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I like the idea of making Hexen maps, but I'm sort of embroiled in the Heretic Treasure Chest project at the moment. After that I'm looking to get involved in something Doom related.

Those screenshots are excellent, by the way.

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