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map idea

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this is actully more of a question then an idea. unless it hasnt been done before. anyways has anyone ever tried to recreate the CTF map Lava Giant from the original UT1999 or something similiar to it for doom. in my opinion that map pwns any other CTF map from any other game wether it be ut2003, ut2004, halo, halo2, ect... and was wanderning if a map alot like it has been done for doom. i would do it myself but i suck at map making and i know it.

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Hehe, I made a vanilla DM level based off the UT version almost a decade ago. And more recently, I had plans to create a CTF version for the ZDaemon Map Pack III, but never got around to finishing it.

So yeah, I've taken two different stabs at it, so I'm sure others have gotten inspiration from it as well, but I can't cite any examples other than my own. It's a great classic. A faithful recreation would be nice, but due to the way it's set up, it's rather difficult to do in the Doom engine.

Go for it! Extra props if you keep it Boom compatible. :)

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