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DS Doom, my screen just goes black after selecting Standard game:(

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I just got my self a M3 REAL card so that i could play DS doom on my nitendo DS. I downloaded the latest version, (1.1.2) and put the extracted folder right into my micro SD card. Then after starting my DS, i chose my card from the main menu, and then entered the DS Doom folder and selected the DS doom shortcut, then the screen goes black and says hello, it asks me to chose a standard game or a network game, i chose a standard game and then the screen just goes black and nothing happens! I think the card has a auto-DLDI patcher so i don't thing that's the problem, somebody plz help!

And yes i have the WAD files needed.

EDIT: Oh comon! Can't anybody helped me! I have been trying to figure out what i have been doing wrong for hours! :(

I got it working now, i am sorry for wasting your time:( Still, it took me forever to get this to work.

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Sorry, but I got a PSP instead of a DS. Doom is excellent on the PSP... I should know as I did the conversion myself. :)

So if you ever need help with the PSP version, that's not a problem.

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Well I hate to tell you, but the DS version is just plain bad. I probably get 15 frames a second, and the controls are not good at all.

Hope you got that flash cartridge for more than DS Doom. But onto actually trying to help you...

Do you have DSDoom and the iwad in the root of the memory card? I believe if you have them anywhere else it will just go blank.

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BEFORE everyone starts taking cheap shots at DS Doom, you MUST have all DSDoom file on the root of your card for it to work, this happened to me. This means DSDoom and all files MUST be in no folder on the root.

Hope that helps.

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