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Decimal/Fixed Variables?

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I'm trying to make a bar graph using ACS that displays the player's kill, item, and secret percentages at the end of each level, in place of the default intermission screen.

Here's my code:

for(int secrets; secrets<=GetLevelInfo(LEVELINFO_FOUND_SECRETS)*100/GetLevelInfo(LEVELINFO_TOTAL_SECRETS); secrets++)
And this is what I get:

I think this is because the loop is pasting the bar patch however many times the loop iterates over itself, instead of moving one pixel upward each time to produce a nice bar.

I also think that the culprit argument, "-0.872-secrets/500" isn't working because secrets/500 is being rounded down to 0 each iteration, because secrets is an integer, and thus, making no changes to the patch's position on the screen.

Is there a way to create a decimal/fixed/float-point variable to avoid this problem?

Or is there a way to use pixel coordinates (something like 256,128) in hudmessage? I seem to remember seeing something about that somewhere, but the hudmessage page of the ZDoom wiki doesn't mention pasting by pixels.

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