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Please help identify two (mega)WADs

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Hi all,

about 10 years ago, I played two (mega)WADs I wish to play again... Here is their description:

megaWAD #1: I vividly remeber only one level, and I believe it was Map 30. At the centre of the map, there was rectangular column with some 256x256 units dimensions. This column was surrounded by a courtyard, roughly 4096x4096 in size. And finally, the courtyard was surrounded by "playable areas", where most of the combat took place. At the end of the level, however, the central column opened up and revealed Romero's head, which began to spawn monsters. Well, actually, the head wasn't visible, it was hidden behind permeable wall. I also remeber that any attempt to save in this level resulted in crash, because the level was so complex that it overloaded doom2.exe's save buffer.

megaWAD #2: Again, I remember only one distinct feature: In one level, there was a small courtyard with a large (circular?) column surrounded by several (rectangular?) pedestals. An archvile was hidden inside the large column, but could not When the player entered the courtyard, zombiemen and other monsters teleported onto the pedestals, but were immediately crushed. When the archvile resurrected them, they were vulnerable only to splash damage from the rocket launcher. The trap was specifically designed to employ this bug in doom2.exe. I think that it was possible to deactivate the trap by flipping some well-hidden switch, which caused the archvile to be crushed.

I will be grateful for any tips!

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