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Eye of the beholder / Dungeon Hack resources

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I am currently working on a * secret * project (shhh ! ) and I am trying to compile all EOB / Dungeon Hack series graphical resources.

XWE helped me a lot, but I still have some problems with it.

I'm using the current beta version.

Some pics (EOB 2 and 3) are displayed with the wrong palette. My problem is that I NEVER figured out how to apply the correct palette to them.

IE : I open EOB3 res file.
I select the Scaladar palette entry. Gibberish on the right. No option available to force/save this as a palette.
Then I select the scaladar picture, and no way to force it to use the palette entry.
I explored all menus and tried right click... but no way !

Can Anybody help me on that matter ??? :)

I have the same problem with EOB2 => how to select a .pal file as a palette ?

Thanks a lot for your answers !

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