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Respawning dormant monsters in nightmare mode (ZDoom 2.2.0)

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I'm trying to play Eternal Doom 4, Map 11-12 in ZDoom 2.2.0 at Nightmare difficulty, but sometimes I see "stony" monsters that do not move and cannot be damaged, so they block the path and can make the level uncompleteable. I think these are respawned versions of the dormant monsters on the map that, unlike their originals, can never get activated. In general, I think the dormant flag never makes sense for respawned monsters, since there is no way to activate them.

Now I clear the MTF_DORMANT bit of mo->SpawnFlags in P_NightmareRespawn(), and the levels then work correctly.

By the way, Map11 and Map12 seem very crazy at NM (I haven't figured out Map13 yet); the huge spaces and insane number of fireballs remind me of HR Map13 at NM. I did a 40-minute godmode run of Map12 and ended up killing 2012 of 2769 monsters. Do you think an NM speedrun is possible without cheating?

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