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Andy Olivera

The New DSDA

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yay :D

EDIT: that remind me, I miss to recording demos, I should start up again. :P

EDIT EDIT: Btw, couldn't you replace my name with Kim "Torn" Bach. I have no problems with having my real name on the page.

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Nice job. One additional advantage is that the demos are accessible to practically anybody. One problem with the Doom2.net archive is that its server blocks many ISPs outside the US and Europe.

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Torn: Done. Took me a minute, though. I'd never tried to use quotes in a name before. My scripts didn't appreciate that.:-)

Myk: Thanks. I wasn't aware doom2.net blocked any ISPs. I wonder why...

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Chris: Thanks!

Myk: I think I figured out why doom2.net bans certain IPs. I haven't been active for two weeks, but in the last 24 hours I've had two separate bot attacks(plus one a couple days earlier). The three of them logged over 1.5GB of bandwidth!

The last two were the same bot, so that's easy enough to take care of. If they continue, though, I may have to try something more direct. Maybe a bot trap that utilizes a temporary IP ban...

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