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Risen 3D - end of level tally screen

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I've noticed with Risen 3D that when I complete a level that is not specifically for the port, when I hit the exit switch, I get taken to an intermission screen generated by Risen 3D that says something like:

you have successfully completed:


Unfortunately, this appears instead of the normal end of level intermission so you don't get to find out your kill totals (etc) nor do you get to continue on to the next level (if, for example, you wanted to play map02 of Doom2 after completing a custom map01).

So, does anyone know how to override this intermission to get the normal one back?

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For Risen3Dv2.2.02 this is hard coded and cannot be altered.

While developing v2.2.03 I did get Graham to bring up a screen similar to the one that pops up after completing a Risen3D map.

I've just now noticed that the current in-house build has reverted back to the standard method for non-R3D maps to give kills etc. and progress to the next level.

I cannot remember if Graham intended this or not.

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OK, thanks for the info. IMO, at least as an option, I would like to be able to get my totals for the level and progress to the next map so I hope Graham is allowing the original behaviour again.

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