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Deaf flag on all sprites ?

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I've noticed that the deaf flag can be given to any sprite. Is this necessary ? I thought that it was only required for the monsters only - forgetting dehacked etc.

If it is only required for the monsters maybe it can be removed for DB2 for all other sprites ?

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Since the Doom engines themselves allow all things, even clips and medkits, to be flagged as "deaf" it makes good sense for the programmer of an editor to allow the mapper full control of all flags that the engine can understand.

Even though flagging a non-monster thing as "deaf" is useless, a source port could hypothetically make use of that flag somehow in the future, so it makes good design sense for the editor to give the mapper the ability to set that flag to whatever he wants.

And, some mappers may be in the habit of flagging non-monster things as deaf as part of a personal mnemonic device. You could flag a piece of ammo "deaf" if you were considering removing it, as an example.

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Creaphis is right. For the same reason the line action arguments boxes (in Hexen format) are all working even when you select an action that only accepts 3 arguments. The other 2 are grayed out but you can still enter a number in the box. If the game configuration would be outdated and the sourceport you are mapping for now supports 4 arguments for that same action, you can still put it in ;)

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