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DeeP Water

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I'm trying to create in a zdoom level the following effect:

It's a deep water area, but not the usual you can create with the transfer height...; it's something like duke nukem, that is, when you go underwater, you are teleported into another sector.

This is done, i suppose, using the actor.watch.below.floor or something similar.
As you may go down in different places, the teleport should be an intelligent one: i tried a teleport.group, but it seems not to work when teleporting the player.

Do you have an idea how to do this effect?
Do you remember some wad using this level?

Bye !

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Why don't you answer my e-mails, instead of posting these stupid questions?! ;)

Look at "Knee-Deep in ZDoom": the effect you mentioned is used often in this .WAD!

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Does this happen when you try to enter 3D mode?

Oh, and BTW, Eyes Above Fake Floor and Eyes Below Fake Floor should help you. They're 2 ZDoom things that can be picked from the ZDoom-specific things.

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This happens when i load the maps...

However, the main problem seems to be the teleport.

Which teleport should i use?

Teleport in sector, groups... i tried many ma none works

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I hate to drudge this thread up, but I just used Enjay's deep water/Duke Nukem style teleportation wad and wrote down everything I could about thing tags, actions, target/source thing ids, linedef actions, sector floor and ceiling heights and so on. I've basically got this thing working except for about two things:

1) Whenever I go jump into the deep water, I'm teleported far below the "surface" of the water", and whenever I jump out of it, I'm teleported far above the surface of the water.
2) I tried to use DEACC on the levels MAPINFO lump, but no scripts were revealed by it (just an include zcommon.acs line and a bunch of comments that DEACC generates by default). I'm assuming I need to do a gravity change and colored lighting and/or fog thing to make the illusion complete. In particular, I'm curious if you needed to use any scripts to make this happen, Enjay.

Thanks in advance. :)

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Did I not include the source? Oops. Ah well, there isn't much to see. Scripts are not needed. I don't think the file pool1.wad has any scripting at all and rex.wad (the one that uses the pool from ReX's Darkest Hour) only has scripts to put messages on the screen. All the water teleporting is done purely with stuff placed in the map.

For what it's worth. Here is the source for the rex file.

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 (void)
print (s:"Can't get out that way.");

script 2 (void)
print (s:"Can't get in that way.");

Script 200 OPEN

hudmessage (s:"Teleporting Water Demo:\n\cDBased on a Modified area from \n\cDReX Claussen's Darkest Hour.";
HUDMSG_TYPEON, 0, CR_ORANGE, 0.1, 0.1, 4.0, 0.05, 4.0);
// X Y Time Type Fade
// coords on rate time

[edit] edited to remove code tags because the long line of code in the hudmessage broke the forum layout. [/edit]

As for why your's isn't working - I can't really tell. It's actually a long time since I last made something like this. I can't remember if the heights of the various things, or the sectors is critical, but those would be the obvious things to check first.

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Thanks, enjay. I appreciate your validating that there was no scripting necessary. I'll check out rex.wad a bit more and make sure everything's all hunky dory.

Edit: Figured it out! Thanks, dudes!

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