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texture problems

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hi all
i am new to the forums
i love classic doom and its one of my fav+ game

i still remember when i was a kid and playing doom years ago...ohh that was niiice time.
and duke nukem 3d, heretic, hexen was also good game, good memories...
i dont like much doom 3 but thats not a bad game, but i like more classic doom

and now to the problem.

system is windows xp

doom builder

i cant see any textures (sidedefs)
i only see the names ashwall6 ashwall7 bfall1 bfall2 etc etc...

and the doom wads are correct places but it does not work, i cant see any textures in this doom builder.

i downloaded DeePsea editor and there it was working and i see the all textures
but its weird that why doom builder it does not work in my pc ?
i have seen tutorials how to make confiquration and levels but not work

i dont know what to do
i hate my pc

doom builder is very good for making levels and i really want to do my own levels
classic doom is so good game and i play it almost every day

well have a nice day


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ok i have now other windows xp installed and now the doom builder works
now i can see all textures when i press tab button

it does not work with windows xp -->(Asia)

but i have now other problem and i make a new topic, sorry

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