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2 quick questions regarding modified Doom2 map releases.

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Ok. So I have a modified Doom2 map 07 that I was considering releasing.

1)As I understand it, modified Doom2 maps are legally allowed, as long as they require the Doom2 wad to run. Is this right?

2)From what I can gather, Doomworld takes a somewhat less than encouraging view of modified maps. So would it be an instantly helled thread if I posted a (heavily) modified Map 07 wad?

I've spent ages on it, I actually think it is a pretty interesting map to play, was just wondering about the finer points of posting it. The reason I ask is I could use a little feedback on it.

Anyway, thanks people.

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1) That's correct and that's the reason why KDiZD is legal despite being based on the original Doom maps.

2) I don't think you get into problems. Otherwise all KDiZD discussion would have been helled as well.

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