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wad to pk3 converter - Python script

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This is a Python script I wrote about a week ago. It uses the Omgifol library to convert WAD files into nice compressed and organized pk3 files for ZDoom.

I would have posted a Windows binary as well, but py2exe was giving me strange and annoying DLL errors that ten minutes of Google usage couldn't solve, so I gave up. If anyone here has a bit of Python expertise and wouldn't mind creating a binary (or helping me figure out the problem), I'd appreciate it greatly :P

There are a couple of minor bugs you should know about before using:
- Omgifol treats the MAPINFO lump as an actual map entry instead of a text lump, so the pk3 file will have an empty WAD file named 'mapinfo.wad' in the 'maps' directory. You'll have to add the real mapinfo lump manually. Sorry!
- If you have maps in your WAD file that don't follow the E?M? or MAP* naming convention, it might not get converted properly. I have no idea what Omgifol does with these.
- This script doesn't utilize the DOOMWADDIR environment variable. I might add it later.

This script is released under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License.

Okay, have fun!

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Wait, what, since when do you need a script to zip a bunch of files and rename the zip as pk3?

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Jodwin said:

Wait, what, since when do you need a script to zip a bunch of files and rename the zip as pk3?

You forget the "extract all the lumps from a WAD in order to get the bunch of files" step.

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