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What's the deal with Risen3d?

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Okay, so I keep hearing a whole fiasco about Risen3d, but I can't seem to find coherent information, it just all seems spread apart.

What was the deal with that port and why did it get so much negative attention? It seems like a good engine to use for what it's worth. I mean, what did all the problems stem from?

I don't mean to start a bad argument, I would just like to know, honestly, about what the history is and why it got so much negative coverage to the point of cancellation.

From what I've gathered, it would make for an informative discussion.

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Quite simply, it was accused of stealing code from other ports without giving credit.

This was further compounded by the fact that the developer didn't release the source code to his port like most other ports and wouldn't even do so to prove the above accusation right or wrong.

Eventually the developer publically stated that he had abandoned the port and deleted the source code off his computer.

A short while later however, the developer resurrected the port using an allegedly slightly older copy of the source that he had found backed up somewhere. Another short while later, a new version of the port, this time with source code, was released.

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