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[db1&dbx]windows update remove a component

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windows update remove a component needed by DoomBuilder1 & dbx to run.
It ask me to insert ressource cd each time there is an update.

What component do you guess it is? Is that dependency to that component
easy to remove by messing a bit with source code?

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I have had problems a couple of times with DoomBuilder not running because the file mscomctl.ocx went missing from the windows system directory.

Go here to download it, follow the steps to install.

No idea if that will solve your problem, but hopefully it helps.

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This is not this one unfortunately I don't know why windows
remove a file used by some program like Doombuilder.
This is so retarded there is no way windows tell me the name
of this crap.

Codeimp may know what db1 use.

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