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Creating Texture1.lmp

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From the way XWE works, I'd think you should just be able to create a new lump from the Entry menu and call it Texture1. Then you can probably right-click on any patch in your wad and add it to the Texture lump from there.

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You can't create a TEXTURE1 lump without using patches, the lump is basically just a list of what patches are used in each texture.

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TEXTURE1 is a list of textures that are assembled using patches from the PNAMES lump. PNAMES is a list containing the names of all patches defined, which are the actual graphic lumps in the WAD file.

If you just want to go from graphic lumps to textures, and "skip" the patch phase, just highlight all new graphic lumps in your WAD using XWE, right click on the group, and select "Add to Textures". It will automatically add those patches as full textures to the stock Doom texture list. It will create a new PNAMES and TEXTURE1 lump for you (you still need the PNAMES lump).

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